September is Library Card Sign-Up Month.

Today’s kids are well-outfitted. Parents make sure their kids have the gear that they need for all of their activities – uniforms for soccer, safety helmets for bike riding and new backpacks and binders, pens and pencils for a new school year – but they might have overlooked the most important supply of all.

September is Library Card Sign-Up Month, the perfect time to make sure kids are equipped with a library card. A library card can give kids access to free homework help, materials to research their papers or information for their next book report. It can also help make life after school more fun, with free access to music, DVDs, the Internet and more.

Of course, library cards are not just for kids. According to a recent household survey by the American Library Association, 44 percent of parents report that they bring their children to the library because it gives them something to to do together. Parents can hlep their children explore new interests and, at the same time, enjoy a family program or pick out a bestseller for themselves. Best of all, family time at the library won’t break the bank. The library and all its resources are free with a library card.

This month, make sure your kids gear up for school by signing for a library card. No matter how crammed the backpack – or your family’s schedule – there’s always room for the smartest card of all. Get it. Use it. @ your library.


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