Ring in the New Year with Books/Movies for a New You

Happy New Year 2008! Reach all your goals in the new year with the library as your personal trainer.

J. K. Lasser's tax book

Save money by borrowing library materials for free instead of buying them. Find your tax forms and tax advice books. We now have federal IRS and Massachusetts state tax forms in the front lobby of the library. Find help in doing your taxes with J.K. Lasser’s Your Income Tax.

Biggest loser book

Dive into the advice of the weight loss and fitness experts. Read the book from the popular TV show The Biggest Loser. Read The Biggest Loser fitness program : fast, safe, and effective workouts to target and tone your trouble spots-adapted from NBC’s hit show by Maggie Greenwood-Robinson.

Happiness is an inside job book

Pursue self-improvement for more happiness and knowledge. Read Happiness is an inside job : practicing for a joyful life by Sylvia Boorstein, a Buddhist perspective on finding more happiness in your life.

Borrow these titles and more at the library. Search the keyword subjects of weight loss, happiness and fitness in the online catalog.

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