YouTube Video Interviews of Dartmouth Select Board Candidates Go Live

The YouTube Video interviews of the two candidates for Dartmouth Select Board are now available for viewing. They are included on the candidates page of the Online Voter Guide created for the Dartmouth Public Libraries website.

Southworth Library is proud to feature for the first time ever videos of candidates for Dartmouth town office available for viewing on the Internet.

Kathleen Horan McLean and Bill Trimble discuss their views on the issues and what they hope to accomplish if they are elected. Both address the current fiscal crisis in Dartmouth and share their opinion of the Prop. 2 1/2 override questions as well as the possibility of the town going into receivership.


One Response to YouTube Video Interviews of Dartmouth Select Board Candidates Go Live

  1. Jerry Bedard says:

    Watching both sets of video interviews I’m left with one glaring difference. I watched it three times to make sure but I didn’t hear Bill mention any specifics of a plan other than taking a common sense approach. I did listen to the current chair lay out what was asked, whats been done and courses of actions that are in motion. Bill seemed a little nervous but it gets pretty nerve racking up there on those Monday nights. I think Bill has a good intent but isn’t yet able to bring more to the table than Mrs. Horan-McClean. Maybe next time around Bill but you’re just not ready yet…..

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