Dartmouth Town Library in the News as Election Approaches

The library has been showing up in local newspapers frequently in recent days and even on television on Channel 10’s evening news on Friday March 21st at 5 and 6 pm.

The Boston Globe articles:

Support for Libraries Overdue 3/25/08 Boston Globe Editorial.

2 Towns Weigh Privatizing Libraries 3/20/08 by Connie Paige.

New Bedford Standard Times articles:
Library Web Site Has Candidate Information, Video Interviews 3/18/08 by Curt Brown.

New Bedford Standard Times letters to the Editor
Parents can’t homeschool without libraries 3/23/08 by Bernard Roth.

Library SOS 3/21/08 by Hope Atkinson.

Librarians Keep Collection Vital 3/20/08 by Ellen Hamilton.

Let’s Not Trash Our Libraries 3/18/08 by Richard Ward.

Support Libraries in Override Vote 3/19/08 by Denise Medeiros.

The Chronicle (Dartmouth weekly paper) articles
FinCom Reviews Police and Library Budgets 3/12/08 by Daniel King.

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